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Using products available from the soil of Texas, each batch is kept small for that personal taste. While other wineries sing to you the praise of their small batch wines, we let you taste them.  Most of our wines are less than 200 gallons.  Instead of dragging up the same old grapes, we go out on a limb creating wines that are not only pleasant to drink, but down right FUN.  Wines made from lemon & lime have become our trademark, but we also produce blackberry, strawberry, elderberry and peach just to name a few.

Hot Off the Wine SPOUT

-an Informational Station From Behind the Scenes-

The process of bottling one of our favorites, Strawberry wine! Pictured above is the basics of our process; clean and sanitize the bottle filler and cork machines, suck up all the yummy strawberry wine into the bottle filler from the fermenting barrels, scream loudly at each other over the air compressor for the corker, and there you have it! A summertime favorite from barrel to bottle in a day.

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