Welcome to the Fruit Family

Using products available from Texas soil, each batch of fruit wine here at Maydelle is kept small. Most of our wines are produced in less than 300 gallon batches, keeping creation on the small scale allowing what really matters to shine through; the fruit. Instead of stomping on the same old grapes, we go out on a limb creating wines that are not only pleasant to drink, but down right FUN.  Maydelle wines made from lemon & lime have become our trademark, but you’d be hard pressed to find a fruit we don’t like, so Maydelle also produces blackberry, strawberry, elderberry, peach, & many more fruits.

Hot Off the Wine SPOUT

-Information Station From Behind the Scenes-

Lemon Wine might be the oddest beverage you come across, but the tastiest nonetheless! Riding high off his success of creating his first wine, Grapefruit, Steve Harper jumped right into the citrus world with this best seller. Our Lemon Wine was created nearly 17 years ago, and still holds the top choice in most peoples hearts, and stomachs, here at Maydelle. Presenting itself as deliciously sweet and sour beverage, our Lemon Wine will have you falling in love with summer, even during the coldest months.

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